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The field of energy medicine teaches us that our life-force energy and state of health are completely intertwined. How we think, speak and feel is a leading force in our creation of either a healthful body, or one that is filled with challenges. These elements of our spiritual nature come to physical fruition in the “stuff” of our worlds, including the shape and wellness of our physical bodies. Spirit and Structure Press is the publisher for various media that support holistic wellness and the connection between thoughts / words / feelings and health.


Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health

Figure out what’s good for you, then do it. The ultimate prescription for good health. If only it were that simple!

With a focus on personal empowerment, Word Cures identifies 21 common reasons we may not do what we could to optimize health. Each one is exposed for the “sneaky little trap” it becomes in our lives. You’ll be inspired by simple solutions and ready to act.

Inside Word Cures, you’ll learn:

→ Characteristics of the saboteur archetype. How to meet, and ultimately befriend, your own “Inner Saboteur.” Once you recognize what your personal saboteur “sounds like,” you’ll be able to make clearer, more informed choices about your life.

→ How you shoot the messenger — the relationship between the many symptoms in your life and the underlying conditions they represent. Why simply getting rid of troubling symptoms is in many cases not the best solution to your problem. You’ll learn to look for the underlying cause of the challenges you face so that you can put them to rest for good, rather than simply covering them up for another day.

→ 5 hidden motivations that can undermine your best intentions for success. Without understanding how these motivations work, you’ll very likely end up frustrated and worn out — not to mention unsuccessful at reaching your goals.

→ The power of word selection to change your material world. You may already sense that this happens. Word Cures will explain how. [For the scientists among you, it’s in the vibration. This is where the term “Vibrational Medicine” comes into play.] Life gets easier as you come to really understand the process that transforms thoughts into matter. Why? Because you’ll know the short-cuts.

→ 21 different, and very popular, reasons we use to convince ourselves that we can’t have what we want in life. Though Word Cures is health-focused, the truth is that we have the ability to apply these reasons across the board — in nearly every area of our lives. You’ll learn the fallacies in each one, as well as some unique tricks to get past them. You’ll never again get stuck believing the pervasive cultural lies that have, in the past, placed artificial limits on your health and well-being.

→ Re-framing the past events of your life so creatively that forgiveness almost becomes a non-issue. Get very clear on the single quality that can make genuine forgiveness impossible and, unless mastered, virtually guarantees that you won’t find the peace of mind absolutely essential for attaining true health.

→ Sign on your own personal Warrior. You may be pleased to learn that when your “Inner Warrior” is empowered and on the job, your Saboteur will breathe a huge sigh of relief and start to back off. Why? Because he knows you’re well-taken care of without him. He’s simply not needed. Learn 7 qualities of the Warrior personality that you can consciously enhance. Give your poor Saboteur a break, eh?

→ Finally, learn the health benefits of being a “Black Sheep.”

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Soft Cover; 335 pages; $16.95
Spirit and Structure Press, 2004
ISBN 0-9753780-0-7

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“Manage Your Energy (Let Time Take Care of Itself)”
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