Healing Language

Seven easy ways to bring healing energy into your thoughts, words and feelings!


Put your focus on feeling good! It’s a cornerstone of optimal vitality.

What you think, say and feel has everything to do with your state of health. It’s not that the words themselves have so much power. Rather that the words we think and speak reflect how we feel. It’s the feeling part that makes such a difference.

Feeling (both physical and emotional) is often your very first indicator that something is off, wrong, or not in keeping with what you want. It’s extremely useful!

And yet, dwelling on thoughts or words that are attached to bad feelings (powerlessness, sadness, deprivation and the like) can sabotage your state of health quickly. The trick is to notice the bad feeling, and then flip your thoughts and spoken language around to express what you DO want in a way that makes you feel better. We call that healing language.

Sounds easy, right? It is!

Here are a few examples of healing language that might come in handy:

Target phrase 1: “I’ve given up…” In this case, we’re using the phrase to represent something you have let go from your experience, not to represent that you’ve lost hope. Like “I’ve given up wheat.” Or “I’ve given up smoking.”

The issue: Using the phrase “I’ve given up…” implies sacrifice. Every time you say or think it, you reinforce a state of hardship or lack. And yet, for the most part, the reason you let go of the item was to create health. See the conflict?

Try instead: “I’ve taken up drinking herbal tea in the morning. My adrenal glands appreciate the switch.”

Target phrase 2: “I don’t…” For instance, “I don’t like vegetables.” Or “I don’t have money for that supplement.”

The issue: Using the phrase “I don’t…” focuses you on lack. Every time you say or think it, your feeling sense registers the absence of something. In the first example, enjoyment; in the second, prosperity.

Try instead: “I enjoy a wide variety of nourishing foods.”

Target phrase 3: “I hate change.”

The issue: Actually, there are two. First is that the speaker is focused on something that he or she does not want. Second is the direct contradiction in pursuing healing, which is unquestionably a change, while affirming a desire to stay the same. “I don’t want to change” equals “I don’t want to heal.”

Try instead: “I’m experimenting with some different ways of doing things.”

Target phrase 4: “I’m going to fight this thing…” Might sound like “I want to kill it!”

The issue: Don’t get me wrong, fighting spirit has its place. But let’s fight for, not against. Attempting to fight against any part of your body is fraught with conflict. On the one hand, it’s vaguely suicidal. It’s also a bit like unplugging the “check engine” light on your dashboard. Like shooting the messenger.

Try instead: “I’m mobilizing my warrior energy to create a radiantly healthy body!”

Target phrase 5: “My energy level is down. It’s old age.”

The issue: Powerlessness. In this case, the speaker is pinning his or her self-diagnosis to a factor over which he has no control. There are so many factors that affect energy level, and many of them are within your sphere of influence. Let’s focus our energy on aspects we can do something about!

Try instead: “I’m committed to feeling my best at any age! It’s time to re-assess a few things.”

Target phrase 6: “I have (diagnosis).” It might sound like this: “I have fibromyalgia.” (Your doctor’s diagnosis.) “My sciatic nerve is pinched.” (Your diagnosis.) “I think I have plantar fasciitis.” (Dr. Google’s diagnosis.)

The issue: It’s natural to want to identify that which is troubling you. That’s the best way I know to get clear on what you would prefer to create instead. And yet, affixing a label to an unwanted condition changes your identity. Instead of thinking of yourself as a person engaged in a healing process, the condition begins to feel as though it defines you. Again, it’s about loss of power. Fixing a label on an unwanted condition also limits your thinking about what else might be going on and, more importantly, opportunities you may have to heal your body at the level of underlying function.

Try instead: “I love learning about new opportunities to create health!” “I make healthy choices every chance I get!”

Powerful healing language inside!

Target phrase 7: “It’s genetics.” It might sound like this: “I inherited my mother’s back pain.” (Yes, I’ve heard people say that.)

The issue: In the same way as pinning your condition on age puts you in a powerless position, so does pinning things on genetics. These are both situations over which you have no control. You may have a challenging genetic predisposition. Lots of us do. And yet there are factors that you can influence, which could be of enormous benefit. Why not focus on those instead?

Try instead: “I’m including lots of leafy greens in my diet to ensure that I get an abundance of folate!”

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