Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Coaching Registration

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coaching Registration

The functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) program offers individualized lifestyle and supplement recommendations with the intent of making incremental improvements in the client’s functional health status. We are led by a strategy of exploring for underlying imbalances that affect body function. Your symptoms are important clues, but they are also the beginning thread of a deeper story. We are distinct from other approaches where the goal is to simply suppress them. Our intent is to optimize health at the deepest level possible. As that happens, symptoms seem to have a way of naturally diminishing.

Ultimately, we create a customized drug-free protocol based upon the feedback from several functional lab tests, and then monitor your health-building progress through consultations and email.

How the Program Works

The client and practitioner agree upon an initial plan, generally including several functional lab tests. Our goal is to identify imbalances in the hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification and mucosal barrier systems that can be restored, thus improving function in challenged body systems.

Intestinal Villi

Better digestion and nutrient absorption is commonly reported on the FDN Health Coaching program!

When lab test results come in, the practitioner reviews the results, prepares customized recommendations, and consults with the client on the results and recommendations. We take many factors into consideration: your main challenges, your lifestyle, and the information gained from any assessments or tests. We may wait for all test results to come in before recommending a program, or may review and implement the results in segments.

As your progress continues, it may make sense to retest key areas or to pursue additional testing options.


How long will it take to create your best state of health? Wouldn’t it be great to know that in advance? But we don’t. Most people begin to feel improvements within a few weeks to a few months. It wouldn’t be unusual to keep tweaking for a year or more. Persistence pays. The race goes to the tortoise, so to speak.

We set up a framework of up to six months to conduct an initial program. In that time, you receive ten consultations, either by phone, Skype, or in person. A typical progress consultation is about 45 minutes; test result consultation reviews are frequently longer. The ten consults can be used either way. It is possible to add additional consult time during the program period if you’d like to. You receive email support on questions related to your program for the full six months.

What is covered during a consultation?

The beauty of an individualized program is that we have the flexibility to use our time together in various ways, depending on your needs. We talk about what’s important to you in your life. What are you up to? What is your motivation for feeling energized and well? How can our work together support you in creating your best life?

We review test results, which provide objective feedback, and discuss an initial plan to address any imbalances or challenges that were revealed. And then we tweak. While we do our best to design a effective protocol, there’s no way of predicting exactly what a given person’s body will do. Situations and needs change. So this work is a process that involves a certain amount of monitoring and course correction.

Then we typically do some retesting. Our protocols are designed to create change. After a certain period of time, we want to see what the person’s body has done and evaluate what is present in that new place. It’s similar to looking at a compass and map while traveling.

The human body is a wonderful thing. If you give it the proper nutrients, it can perform optimally.

Dr. David Brownstein, MD

What balancing strategies do you recommend?

When moving your body into greater balance, we utilize two types of strategies. Lifestyle strategies include diet, rest, exercise, and stress reduction. We also use targeted supplements – customized for you to create nutrient balance and optimized function – specific minerals, vitamins, and herbs.

Investment in your health

There are two fees involved in the FDN health coaching program.

Lab test fees are, whenever possible, paid directly to the labs at the time you submit your test sample. We create an initial testing plan as a result of your needs exploration conversation. If you have questions about the information you’ve received, please be sure to ask! In addition to the initial plan, we may wish to explore further options or retest as we move along.

There’s also a consultation / coaching fee. It covers review of your test results, research and development of your customized protocol, and working with you by phone / Skype / in person and by email to implement a successful health-building strategy.

Register for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition health coaching

The next step is to register here. Once I receive your registration, I’ll arrange for your test kits and email you a more detailed health questionnaire to fill out and return. AND we’ll schedule your first consultation!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coaching —-
Six months of lifestyle / nutritional coaching including a customized protocol,
ten consultations (phone / Skype / in person), and email support*
—- six payments of $275, $1650 total

* You’ll pay the lab test processing fees (directly when possible)
in addition to the coaching / consultation fee.


A Medical Director fee of $75 is required for certain tests.
We’ll clarify which tests (if any) this applies to in your situation.
You can take care of the fee here.
—- One $75 Medical Director fee:

Upon registration, your test kits will be shipped or made available for pick-up, you’ll receive a health history information request, and we’ll set up your first consultation!