Wellness for your Companion Dog or Cat

Wellness for your Dog or Cat


Did you know that you can run a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis on your dog or horse? A food sensitivity test on your dog or cat?

Here’s my story. I am the doggy-mama of four delightful fur-kids. They are rescues and mixed breeds. All companion animals.

Max, my eldest, has gotten a bit grumpy in recent years. His veterinarian (who we love) could find nothing to explain it. People told me “Older dogs get grumpy.” By the same logic, older people also get grumpy. It generally means they don’t feel well. I really don’t buy that age is the determining factor.


Collecting a hair sample from your dog is easy!

Once I started running Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with people, I noticed that the Trace Elements Lab also offers a canine profile (they also do horses). I ran the profile on Max and … wow. The poor kid was tanked! His major nutrient minerals were all below the optimal values and his bacterial infection ratio was super-high. I think it’s his teeth. No wonder he didn’t feel well!

I immediately stepped up efforts to improve conditions in his mouth with a homemade coconut oil and antibacterial essential oils concoction, which he considers a very special yummy treat. Of course he gets extra special time with mom along with the remedy. 🙂

And also ordered him some mineral supplements to match his individual needs.

In talking with my fellow FDN® practitioners about their work with the family fur-kids, I came upon a canine food sensitivity test (they also do cats). We do something similar with people, so I applied what I knew from work with people’s guts to Max’s. He has all kinds of food sensitivities! Ack! His gut isn’t well!

In fact, I couldn’t find a commercial dog food that matched his needs. So… Max is now eating special homemade chicken stew, rich in tummy-healing bone broth and lots of veggies. It’s the perfect solution in which to mix in his crushed mineral supplements, and he seems delighted!

Max is currently eating special home-made chicken stew (lacking any of his reactive foods) as his main fare. It’s enriched with specialized mineral supplements in accordance with his Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results. He’s also taking a special doggie liver support formula and some probiotics.

Max Eckert, after a few weeks on his personalized elimination diet and mineral supplements.

Here’s my happy boy after just a few weeks on the program, looking more energetic than he’s been in years. And I must say, he’s been a tad bit more affectionate recently. More like himself.

If you’d like to consider creating a health-building program for your fur-kid, sign up below or message me at info @ wellnessimages .com .

Canine Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis — how it works:

  • Sign up here to receive your kit. I’ll send it out via US Mail, generally within 48 hours after your order comes in.
  • Submit your pup’s hair sample to the lab, along with the $41 lab fee.
  • Your pup’s test results will come back to me. I’ll review them, and then we will consult together to create a special program just for him or her.
  • Ideally, you’ll also run an ImmuneIQ food sensitivity test, and we’ll discuss both results together. But it’s not required.

Canine Hair Tissue Mineral analysis consultation: $85