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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Introduction

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can guide your pain relief plan

Muscle or joint pain & stiffness and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

If you have muscle or joint pain and stiffness, you are likely interested in resolving it. Certainly there are structural factors, and you may be seeing a bodyworker or chiropractor to address them. And yet…

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can guide your pain relief plan

Mineral imbalances in the body can contribute to pain and stiffness patterns.

There is inflammation. Calcification. Signs and symptoms of nutrient mineral imbalances, bacterial imbalances, food sensitivities, neurotransmitter challenges, impaired cellular energy production, and things of that nature.

Sad to say, even the best mechanical therapy does not correct nutrient mineral or bacterial imbalances or counteract the effects of a carelessly-executed diet. Sometimes you need more.

But what? A “take this for that” approach to food and supplements will only get you so far. At the end of the day, that approach relies on guessing. We may recognize your symptoms, but unless we look more closely, we do not know why you have them.

You are an individual. Your biochemistry is completely unique!

Fortunately, there are a few simple tests available that can give you an indication of where your own body is out of balance.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - sample is easy to collect

Your hair sample is super-easy to collect right at home!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis utilizes one such test. You snip about a tablespoonful of hair, mail it off to a lab for processing, and learn about how your body has adapted to chronic stress at the tissue level.

In the case of a person with muscle and joint pain or stiffness, there are certain inflammatory markers we look for. Signs of adrenal fatigue. Signs of calcium imbalance (“calcified” muscles have lost their suppleness; they are rigid). Signs of adaptive reserve (or lack) in the system.

It also gives us insight into next steps. Nutrient mineral supplements that could be beneficial. Dietary and lifestyle approaches that are likely to be helpful. And sometimes, indications for further testing.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a “big bang for your buck” kind of test that can offer guidance to get your health back on track. To decrease inflammation, stiffness and pain. To get the greatest benefit out of your mechanical therapy work. To increase energy and adaptive reserve. To optimize health!

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