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We support your intent to increase ease and comfort in your body. And… coach you through the physical steps that will optimize vitality as you create the life of your dreams. With a spring in your step… a sparkle in your eye… and the energy and inspiration to start each day fresh!

As a soft tissue specialist, Elizabeth digs deep to uncover underlying factors that may perpetuate chronic soft tissue pain and discomfort. Combining nutritional and lifestyle support from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® health coaching and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with hands-on neuromuscular / structural therapy (for those who are able seen in our local area), we have the opportunity to be thorough in uncovering underlying functional “glitches” that may have stalled out your progress in the past!

A common situation leading to chronicity is the interaction of two or more diagnostic problems… These conditions can play Ping-Pong and persist because one tends to reactivate the other if they are treated alternately, one at a time.¹

Body structure (posture) and chronic pain

For those who are able to be seen in person, we offer neuromuscular therapy, a structural approach to bodywork. The “where and why” of this approach is key. Your therapist will do a visual and palpatory assessment of your standing posture, and then target specific muscles and/or connective tissue for primary treatment. The goal is to optimize your body’s position in space for the greatest ease and the least effort.

Mechanical perpetuating factors involve posture, body asymmetries or disproportions, and disturbed muscle function. Poor posture leaves some muscles in the shortened position for prolonged periods and others under chronic tension.²

Welcome to Wellness Images!

Welcome to Wellness Images!

Nutritional factors and body pain

Nutritional factors are frequently involved. Something as seemingly innocuous as a tissue mineral imbalance can and does affect a muscle’s ability to relax, no matter how great one’s intent or desire. Other factors, such as fatigued adrenal function, inflammation, imbalances in the gut, food sensitivities, and overloaded detox pathways also play a role. These factors can completely undermine an otherwise well-executed hands-on treatment program, leaving you and your therapist frustrated.

We are able to work with both local and distance clients for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® health coaching and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Distance clients can work with a hands-on therapist of their choice in their local area.

Systemic perpetuating factors encompass many conditions that compromise muscle energy metabolism… Frequently, several of these are present at once, and the laboratory reports low-normal values… The confusing thing about these factors is that they usually give no hint of a problem until the patient activates trigger points… Resolution of most, sometimes all, of the perpetuating factors may be required to prevent or treat chronicity.³



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